Toyota 1JZ - 2JZ universal motor mount kit

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Perfect for those random JZ engine swaps

These will fit 1JZ and 2JZ series engine blocks. Featuring an offset design that depending on the orientation, either allows more manifold clearance or more clearance for steering components. Options for orientation depend on if after market manifolds are used or not. They mount to either of the 4 motor mount locations on side of block. The polyurethane bushes significantly reduces noise and vibration felt through the car.

Kit includes:

- 2 x 5mm Steel base plates with aligning slots

- 4 x 5mm Steel uprights

- 2 x Bush cartridges featuring polyurethane bushes and stainless steel crush tubes

- 2 x 1-1/4" tubes to mount to the chassis

- 2 x Gussets

- 2 x 1/2" bolt assembly's