Fab series - Anti Roll Bar universal

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The purpose of an anti-roll bar is to keep both rear tyres firmly planted on the ground by counteracting the natural roll rotation of a car during launch. Without an anti-roll bar, the left front of the car can lift higher than the right side, which can cause the rear tyres to unload. Unloading of the tyres leads to loss of traction, resulting in wheel spin.

Our Fab series ARB shares the same components as our billet kit. The only difference being the link arms are fabricated and you supply your own bearings to suit your application. The cost of this kit is minimised as you are required to assemble and weld the link arms together. This is made easy with locking tabs to ensure the components are in the correct position prior to welding. The link arms 7" hole centres better suit factory style suspension cars with more suspension travel. However will also still work on coil over vehicles. 


Kit includes:

- 1 x Chromoly main torsion tube 1m long

- 4 x Laser cut steel sway bar links 180mm/7" centres 

- 4 x Laser cut link gussets

- 2 x Bearing to tube locators 

- 2 x RH 1/2" weld in bungs

- 2 x LH 1/2" weld in bungs

- 2 x 1" dia connecting tubes 330mm long

- 4 x Diff mounting tabs

- 4 x 1/2" unf grade 8 bolts

Customer needs to supply for installation: 

- 2 x LH and 2 x RH 1/2" unf rod ends with a 1/2" bolt hole (plus jam nuts to suit)

- 2 x 25mm ID bearing blocks to mount to your chassis (commonly know as bearing pillow blocks)